Memories are created with families and friends as part of our daily lives. However, memories are captured one stitch at a time at Crazy4Quilts!

Crazy4Quilts is such a special project. However, any project gains such value by being shared with others, such as you. Please take a few minutes to browse Crazy4Quilts. Share your comments in the comment section, too. Even more, share your ideas and thoughts!quilt memories

Sewing, embroidery, and quilting provide us with the opportunity to create and share special handcrafts that can be passed from generation to generation. A quilt crafted from cloths that contain memories acts as a memorable gift  Moreover, it provides long-term memories to share with family and friends.

New baby on the way? A quilt thoughtfully crafted from memory scraps becomes a unique gift for new parents. Students on their way to college embrace a special memory item containing embroidery featuring the college mascot.

However, while each of these contain special gifts that will be appreciated for decades, they are also functional items that remain close. Without a doubt, such gifts represent love and memories!

Though Crazy4quilts’s creations showcase memorable quilts and custom embroidery, the sewing service helps in many other ways. Need a hem redone or a seam repaired? Have a pattern chosen but are unsure you have the time or skills to create the garment?  Kids’ costumes, holiday dresses, and many other projects can be assembled to your specifications in a reasonable timeframe. We help fit and create. From repairs to alterations, pattern sewing to originals Crazy4quilts offers a complete sewing service.

What does all this mean to you?

Why do you care if you can purchase a garment or quilt in the local store, why does it matter if it is custom done or off the shelf?

Have an idea that you would like us to quote? Contact us to discuss it. We  provide help in decisions on your intended projects. Moreso, we will work with you to create that special something!

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