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About Personal Touch – crazy4quilts is an introduction to Jane Johnson, accomplished seamstress with a multitude of skills that include hand and machine sewing, clothing construction and alteration, embroidery, and quilting. Jane has developed her talents over her entire lifetime and has learned to use skill and creativity to produce incredible quilts, clothing, pillows, and much more.

Jane tells her story about Personal Touch – Crazy4Quilts.

My love of sewing began at a very early age, about 5 years old, as a 4-H projects. I continued in the 4-H sewing projects until I was 18 years old, making many of my own clothes and other items. I enjoyed creating new clothing and displaying it at our county events.

After high school, I married and had two wonderful boys. My sewing skills proved quite useful with a growing family. I ran two small businesses, a cleaning company and a computer business, but sewing remained my hobby and pastime.

In 2002, I started my own sewing business, Personal Touch. I loved creating and fashioning items for others. When I took my first quilting class, however, I found another handcraft that was just a perfect fit for me. I quickly added Crazy4Quilts to my Personal Touch business.

A year later, I was able to use my needlework skills working in the malls during the Holiday seasons embroidering names on bears for gifts.

Each time I’ve expanded my skills, I’ve enjoyed using my talents to create gifts and items for others to use and enjoy. It’s rewarding to see my creations give joy to others!

History of Quilting in America

Special Information:

Have you ever visited your county or state fair? It is a great place to see a variety of handcrafts, in addition to many other arts, crafts, 4H projects by youth, livestock and so much more. Most counties have a county fair each year, as does each state. Spend a day browsing the many exhibits at your local or state fair. I’d love to see your photos and comments,, too!