At Crazy4Quilts, I make embroidered patches. 

Most people consider these to be quite decorative, like pieces of artwork. You can use them on clothing for a bit of personalization or decorative add-on. Companies and organizations use embroidered patches to showcase achievements and as identification.


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Embroidered patches custom began…


The history of embroidery makes for some very interesting reading! Wikipedia has quite a bit of information for starters. In further studying, I learned even more.

The creation of embroidery probably originated in China somewhere between the 5th – 3rd century BC. The Chinese used a variety of sewing techniques to mend, patch, and tailor clothes. handcraft sewing designs on them.

Over the years, other civilizations developed sewing patterns and designs to decorate clothing, tapestries, and other fabrics.

In each culture, the development of patches evolved from using small cloths for various needs. Today, we make embroidered patches custom and stock for customers to add their own unique touch to their clothing, bags, and virtually any cloth product of their choosing.


Hand-craft to machines

Of course, those early embroidery projects were all done by hand. Machines didn’t exist. And some embroidery today is still hand-crafted.


Machines enter the picture


In the 1800s, Alphonse Kursheedt introduced the first embroidery machine. He used a combination of looms and hand embroidery. To create a mechanized process he imported twelve new embroidery handlooms.

Soon, Isaak Groebli felt inspired by Kursheedt’s sewing machine and created the Schiffli embroidery machine. The Schiffli used a continuously threaded needle and shuttle, making embroidery a much easier and smoother process.

Now, more and more, crafters are utilizing machines to help create the embroidered patch custom creations. While the machine does a share of the manual work, the crafter still needs the skills to design and then use the machine correctly for a perfect product.

From experience, I can assure you this is not always as easy as it sounds!

Even with the computerized machines today that use “digitized” patterns to create embroidered designs. In this way, it’s possible to create identical patches for teams, companies, uniforms, and other groups.


The materials I use to make embroidered patches custom for you.


You want your patch to stay looking new. I strive to ensure that happens!

To create these patches, I use the best quality materials available. The rayon thread is Madeira, USA brand, considered by many to be the highest quality.


How will you attach the patch?


You decide how you want to attach your patch.

Unless you request otherwise, it will come with iron-on backing for an easy option. To ensure it stays put through anything, some people choose to sew the patch on, either ironed on or not.

For temporary use, a safety pin keeps your patch securely attached. This option allows you to use your patch on several garments before deciding on its permanent home.

Parents find the safety pin option quite useful when children grow out of clothing quickly. The patch becomes transient as the clothing is replaced with larger sizes.


Looking for a custom patch?


As mentioned above, I can do most custom work. Contact me for details. We’ll discuss what you need and decide together how to proceed.


Consults are always FREE!  Let’s talk!



To see our selection of the embroidered patches custom and stock,

please visit the Patch Images page.





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