31 Types of Quilt Designs

Most people find the many types of quilt designs to be quite fascinating, although differentiating them might confuse people. The history of this intriguing handcraft goes back many generations. In fact, some historians believe that some form of quilting might be traced back as early as 100 BCE to 200 CE. You can read more about the history and facts in this article.

The quilt is not just pieces of clothes but also a staple of cultural heritage and comes from a long history of old civilizations, including Indian, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. The origin of quilts begun in approximately 3400 BC. Since it is an ancient concept, people might think they have lost the value and importance in the world market. However, to many people’s surprise, quilts are high in demand.

People have a strong enthusiasm and passion for the quilts. Suppose you ever get a chance to observe a quilt up close. In that case, you will think it’s made by machine since there is no way a human could have this much precision. The sense of color and patience make up patches of different designs and bind them into one beautiful quilt. The complexity and intricate design are the reasons why people are so much passionate about quilts.

Suppose you are also passionate about quilting and are curious about them. In that case, there is no need to go on any further because you are in the right place. We have assembled a long list of the different variety of quilts.

Album Quilt

Album quilts are not just an everyday quilt, but this is a special kind of quilts because they are specially made for special occasions. Every side and piece of this quilt is equally essential for the makers of the quilt. The design of each piece has an intricate design. The parts are assembled with immense precision since they are an essential for occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Amish Quilt

People love many of these quilts because these assemble by recycling materials like dresses, pants, etc. The origin of the name “Amish” came from the name of Pennsylvania Amish, which is a region in the east. These are wider than other quilts and have asymmetric patterns on them with dark borders.

Applique Quilt

This quilt has different designs and patches sewed on it. Although the system seems more straightforward than the other quilts, it’s not.

Art Quilt

A quilt has various artistic patches on it with a beautiful symphony of colors and is a prefference of many new fashion designers.

Bargello Quilt

Bargello is a quilt with Bargello plans and detailed designs – parts of square textures are joined to make an undulating wave.

Centennial Quilt

Centennial Quilt is a symbol to celebrate 100 years of bond. Most ordered to celebrated anniversaries.

Charm quilts or Beggar quilt

These quilts exhibit different colored pieces of fabric, each piece of fabric is different from the other, and there is no repetition in the fabric design of two parts.

Crazy Patch Quilt

This quit is crazy since it is a vast quilt made with different asymmetric and fantastic looking scraps. The fabric pieces are irregular, and the way they are sewed is also distinctive. Still, somehow altogether, this quilt looks mesmerizing and a perfect blend of craziness. It’s just organized chaos, which is why people love it. The irregular ethnic pieces make the base of the whole quilt. Then it is decorated with beautiful uneven stitches and lines of beads along the border.

Denim Quilt

This quilt is an intricate mix of modern denim and historical quilt. This quilt is popular in the youth as small pieces of denim fabric are used in its making. This also recycles old jeans, which is why most earth-loving people tend to buy these as a fashion statement. These quilts are also known as jean quilts.

Friendship quilt, share your favorite types of quilt designs

The name is quite self-explanatory at this point. People tend to give these quilts a gift to loved ones, their family, and their friends to show their loved ones and gratitude towards them on special occasions and celebrations. These are always customized for the person for whom it is being made. The quilt can contain hand-embroidered messages and important dates on them to make them more memorable.

Lap quilt

Lap quilts are smaller than usual quilts. These are to use in cold weather. People put these on their lap for some warmth whenever they are sitting somewhere cold. The sizing of this quilt is approximately thirty-six inches in width and forty-eight inches in length, so they are rectangular. At the same time, some people say it is a square of thirty-six inches.

Lattice Quilts

The quilt is different in composition than others because it has a small border added between every joint of the fabric pieces. This creates a line separating each piece of fabric from the other. The lines in between can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal depending upon how the design is coming up, making an outstanding mesmerizing design that people can’t help but buy.

Medallion Quilt

This quilt type has a huge focal theme, outlined by sharp sewing of the quilt’s edges. The focal theme usually is patchworking; however, it could consist of any prevailing material or designed pieces. Simultaneously, the upper part of the quilt is intended to enhance the main design of the theme of the middle part of the quilt.

Memory quilt

This quilt is made in the memory of the loved ones. This quilt is a bunch of clothes worn by your loved ones assembled. The quilts usefully convey the love you have for your loved ones.

Mini Quilts

These are a mini rendition of the full-size quilt. They need not be a downsized variant of the quilt design. They usually are made as wall quilts or as spot mats.

One-patch block Quilt

This is kind of quilt made altogether with a solitary and straightforward sort of block/patch – the single rehashing shapes that could be a triangle, square, hexagons, a jewel, a mollusk shape, and so forth are sewn together to make the pieced quilt top.

One-patch block

This is a quilt made of various texture sorts sewn out to frame a block – it could be an assortment of multiple patches, shapes, strips, or blocks of material, and they are entirely sewn together to formulate a plan for the quilt top. The patchwork quilts are made of scrap texture pieces that are taken from utilized clothing or some other extra texture.

Patriotic quilt

This is a quilt made to praise nationalism. This quilt is made to honor unique public events like Independence Day, Memorial Day, and so on. It can portray the banner of a nation and can be known as a banner quilt.

Photo Quilt, personalize your favorite types of quilt designs

This sort of quilt utilizes photographs. Photos are moved on to texture, and afterward, these are used as blocks for the quilts and additionally called Photo memory quilt.

Presentation Quilt

This is a quilt with intricately appliqued plans which is made to stamp an uncommon function or as a blessing to someone who is moving ceaselessly. The establishment texture of the quilt was typically white in shading. Another name Baltimore Album Quilt.

Quilt of Valor

This is a quilt made as a blessing to the officers/military workforce in acknowledgment of their administrations and penances for a country. The quilt is usually given to harmed or sick troopers.

Scrap quilt

This quilt is produced using textures scraps you have spared from different undertakings or removed from old clothes. It utilizes texture pieces in various tones and examples – as the blocks are made of the texture scraps, the shadings are arbitrarily positioned and not arranged like it is typically for quilt blocks. Quilts can be made of standard texture pieces that can even now be known as a scrap quilt on the off chance that they have blocks made of a wide range of textures of various tones and examples.

Signature Quilt

This is a quilt made of blocks marked by loved ones of the creator of the individual accepting the quilt. Other than signature, the blocks may likewise be composed of messages or weaved.

Sesqui-centennial quilt

Quilts are recognizing One hundred and fiftieth festival.

String Quilt

This quilt is made out of long segments of texture, trim, ties, strip, and so forth. They were initially made out of slender little pieces of scraps left over from other sewing ventures.

Throw quilt

This kind of quilt is made as a design and thrown over the rear of a love seat or seat; It will be more modest than a bed quilt yet more significant than a lap quilt.

Trapunto Quilt

These sorts of quilts will have yarn or batting as an internal layer, which will make a dimensional look when quilting joins are made. Typically equal lines are sewed as the quilt fastens.

Wall quilt

This sort of quilt isn’t intended for the bed-they are utilized as enrichment and held tight to the wall. They are small in size. You can likewise consider it a quilted wall hanging.

Watercolor quilt

This is a lovely quilt made of little square blocks ( generally 2 inch square) of printed textures bringing about a quit that appears as though an impressionist water shading painting. Another name for this quilt is the shading quilt.

Whole cloth quilt

This quilt has a quilt top, which is produced using one single massive bit of texture. This quilt has no patchwork blocks or applique plans on it. It is likewise called white-on-white quilting.

Puff Quilts

I don’t know whether Puff quilts can be called quilts as there is no quilting associated with making these quilts. However, I included them in this article as one of the 31 types of quilt designs as I believe they might loosely be called a quilt. The individual puffed blocks are made with stuffing inside and afterward appended to one another. It is likewise called Biscuit quilts.


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